Organic goat cheese with Italian herbs

The Mèkkerstee Italian herbs is a delicious organic goat cheese enriched with a selection of Italian herbs. This gives this cheese a wonderfully spicy character.

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Organic goat cheese with Italian herbs

The cheese from the Mèkkerstee is very special. This goat cheese is biological in nature, full of flavor and pure nature! A goat herd of approximately 600 female goats grazes on the De Mèkkerstee care farm in Ouddorp, giving about 3 liters of fresh goat's milk a day. This milk is of high quality because the goats receive the best nutrition and care. In addition, they get the space they need.

The milk is processed according to traditional methods into goat cheese with a delicious pure goat cheese flavour. No salt is added or preservatives are used in this process, so you can taste the best of nature! Mèkkerstee goat cheese is so soft and creamy that it has a very accessible taste that everyone will like.

An advantage of goat cheese is that it is easier to digest than cheese made from cow's milk. This is due to the smaller fat molecules in the goat's milk. As a result, goat cheese fits perfectly in a balanced diet. Goat cheese also contains a lot of vitamin A. This is because the goats convert all carotene (orange) into vitamin A. Goat cheese is also a godsend for people with cow's milk allergy.

The Mèkkerstee also fulfills a social function. it is a care farm where people with psychosocial or psychological problems work. With this, the Mèkkerstee gives these people a place to feel useful and also prepares people for (return to) paid work in society.

You can visit the Mèkkerstee all year round. This way you can experience farm life for yourself. Come and taste the homemade goat ice cream, the tastiest goat cheese, or see how the cheese making process takes place.

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Organic goat cheese with Italian herbs
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