Discover the Convenience of Kaashandel Dammers Cheese Vending Machines in the Netherlands

Are you looking for delicious, authentic cheese from Kaashandel Dammers? You can now easily purchase our trusted cheeses through vending machines at various locations across the Netherlands. Our cheese vending machines are strategically placed for easy access, ensuring you always enjoy the best quality cheese.

You can find our vending machines at the following locations:

  • Grotestraat 75, Veen – At Kaashandel Dammers, entrance on Schmitzstraat.
  • Lange Reke 3, Renesse – In front of The Butcher’s shop.
  • Parallelweg 53a, Opheusden – On the premises of Speelgoed de Betuwe.
  • Kerkhovensestraat 60, Oisterwijk – At Williams Boerderijwinkel.

We are expanding our network soon with more locations, including various TopParken sites. Stay updated and enjoy the convenience and quality of Kaashandel Dammers cheese vending machines!