Passendale (300 grams)

Buttery soft, that is the best description for Passendale in one word.

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Product description

This cheese originally comes from the sub-municipality of Zonnebeke. This cheese has a very special story that started during the First World War. A couple had to flee from Belgium to Normandy. During their stay in Normandy they learned how to make cheese. When they went back to Belgium, they went to Passchendaele and started their own cheese dairy there. This is how the Passendale cheese was created. This cheese has the shape of a farmer's bread, the crust is edible. Due to the many holes in the cheese, it is easily digestible.

Product number: PLU-119

Condition: Vers afgesneden en vacuüm verpakt

Product specification

Pasteurized cow's milk, lactose, salt, lactic acid, microbial rennet, coloring (E160b)

Suitable for pregnant women?

Made from pasteurized milk Yes, suitable


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Passendale (300 grams)
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