Dutch Flower Honey

Flower honey, like all other types of honey, is full of vitamins and minerals.

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The taste of flower honey depends very much on the time of year in which the bees collect the honey. Different flowers bloom in the spring than in the summer and this also ensures the various flavors.

Flower honey, like all other types of honey, is full of vitamins and minerals. It is a delicious liquid honey for both the 'inexperienced' honey eater and for the real honey lover. Perfect for a cup of tea or yogurt!

Did you know that Dutch flower honey can help with hay fever?
Part of the pollen that the bees extract from the flowers and plants ends up in the honey. Eating this honey exposes the body to the culprits of hay fever. In a natural way, the body builds up resistance to the pollen.

Disclaimer: honing is een natuurproduct, daarom kan de kleur van uw honing afwijken van de kleur van de foto.

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Dutch Flower Honey
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