Greek extra Viérge olive oil can 1 liter

The elite extra-class olive oil straight from Greece

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Extra Viérge olive oil CAN 1 Liter
This is the best quality Viérge olive oil (without heating) with the most pronounced taste. Olive oil is produced by pressing the pulp (30-50% oil) and the seeds (5% oil).

​Olives that hang healthy on the tree have an oleic acid percentage that is lower than 0.5%. So when they are handled gently during and after picking and the oil is made gently, the percentage remains low.

​These olives grow in our own olive grove in Kamaria and are harvested manually. This results in a rich taste and an oil where all natural vitamins and minerals have been preserved.

Content can: 1 liter

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Product number: KOB0171


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Greek extra Viérge olive oil can 1 liter
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