Weydeland 35+ cumin mild

Weydeland 35+ Cumin Mild is no ordinary cumin cheese, but an extra tasty one with less fat.

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Product description

Weydeland 35+ cumin mild,

Weydeland 35+ Cumin Mild is no ordinary cumin cheese, but an extra tasty one with less fat. This way the characteristic rabbit flavor comes into its own. This young matured cheese has matured for 8 weeks and is therefore wonderfully smooth.

Weydeland 35+ cumin mild is the tastiest less fat cheese that is also very tasty! The fat content in this cheese is approximately 25% lower than in regular cheese. The fresh milk from our Dutch cows is the ingredient for the soft taste of Weydeland.

Weydeland 35+ cumin  is prepared in a sustainable process by Kaasmakerij CONO. In addition, the farmers receive a fair price for the milk, the cows receive the attention and love they need and grazing is encouraged. In this way, the cows feel comfortable and produce extra tasty milk that is used for Weydeland 35+.

After preparation, each cheese is given its place in our warehouse, where the cheese matures in peace on wooden planks until the optimal taste has developed. From that moment on, the gourmands can attack! Because Weydeland 35+ certainly does not remind you of a low-fat cheese, it will certainly not be limited to one piece.

About CONO:

We make the tastiest and fairest cheese together

Our farmers and cheese makers work together to make the tastiest and fairest cheese from the best North Holland meadow milk. We do this while preserving traditional traditions and using the most sustainable modern techniques. We do this in our own unique way.

Our mission

The best for farmers and cows

That's our mission. In order to pay our farmers a fair milk price, we make the tastiest cheese in the best way. In our own traditional way, with real attention for people, animals and the environment.

Our vision

We fight against dulling of taste and want to surprise our customers and consumers with tasteful and honest products. That is why we are a leader in corporate social responsibility and we aim for a fair margin throughout the entire cheese chain.

Product number: PLU-55

Condition: Vers afgesneden en vacuüm verpakt

Product specification

Pasteurized cow's milk (lactose), Salt, Lactic acid, Vegetarian rennet, Cumin (1%), Color E160b(ii)

Suitable for pregnant women?

Made from pasteurized milk Yes, suitable


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Weydeland 35+ cumin mild
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