Matured cumin cheese

Anyone who likes a tasty cumin cheese (exactly between young and old) will love our matured cumin cheese.

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Product description

Matured cumin cheese:
Who likes a tasty cumin cheese (right between the young and the old). Loves our matured cumin cheese. The cumin seed enhances the full, robust taste of matured cheese. After carefully mixing the cumin seeds into the curd, we let this cheese ripen for 16 to 18 weeks. This way the cheese has plenty of time to absorb the aroma of the cumin seed and develop its own taste.

Cut and send:
We cut your cheese fresh from the knife and vacuum pack it!
Thanks to the firm structure of Dutch cheese, this cheese is very suitable for sending by post.

Gouda cheese:
A Gouda cheese has the shape of a wheel, weighs between 1 and 16 kg and has a
fat content of at least 48%.
The species owes its name Gouda cheese to the fact that it has been traded in Gouda for centuries.

Our Gouda cheese:
After skimming and pasteurisation, at De Graafstroom cheese factory in Bleskensgraaf in South Holland, we add rennet and lactic acid to the milk. This gives our cheese its delicious taste. The thick mass that is then created is called curd. By stirring and cutting it, a liquid is released, the 'whey', which is used as an ingredient for high-quality infant nutrition. Then we put the curds in the cheese mold and press them together to get the perfect cheese shape. The cheeses become really tasty in the brine bath, here they can soak in the characteristic (salt) cultures of De Graafstroom. After brining, our cheeses are given a protective layer, so that they lose less moisture and the quality is preserved. Then the cheeses are allowed to ripen on original wooden shelves in the cheese warehouse, before they go to the store and end up in our kitchen.

Our creamy young cheese, soft young matured, creamy matured and spicy old cheese are all tasty and healthy: We strive for the lowest possible fat and salt content in our characterful cheeses. We call this 'cheese from the heart'; cheese prepared with great care, passion and love with the milk of the best cows from the Groene Hart and surroundings.

Product number: PLU-9

Condition: Vers afgesneden en vacuüm verpakt

Product specification

Pasteurized cow's milk (lactose), salt, 1.0% cumin seeds, lactic acid, rennet and preservative (E251)

Suitable for pregnant women?

Made from pasteurized milk Yes, suitable


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Matured cumin cheese
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