Veense Bonck old sliceable

An old sliceable cheese of the highest level, that's what we call our '' Veense Bonck '' a beautiful thick cheese with a great creamy taste and a wonderful crisp crystal.

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Veen Bonck

Always searching and keep tasting for the tastiest cheeses! Something we do day in day out for our customers cheese lovers, with a wonderful result. Our own '' Veense Bonck '' a beautiful super thick old cheese of 1.5 years old. This cheese has had 1.5 years to mature in peace in the most natural way possible on authentic wooden cheese boards. In this time, the cheese has developed a great taste in one word, due to its enormous thickness (half thicker than a normal cheese), the cheese remains super creamy even after 18 months and the proteins have started to crystallize, resulting in a tasty crackling crystal. But perhaps the unexpected thing about this cheese is the very light sweetness that you taste in its aftertaste.

Our ''Veense Bonck'' aged cheese of the highest level, made by artisan cheese makers from Bleskensgraaf.

Product number: PLU-568

Condition: Vers afgesneden en vacuüm verpakt


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Veense Bonck old sliceable
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