Stolweide cheese matured

Beautiful creamy mature farm cheese from Stolwijk

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Product description

Named the best matured farm cheese in the Netherlands in the fall of 2021. And not by the least, but by the Bond van Boerderij Zuivelbereiders. 

On the Snoekvliet farm, Gertjan Snoek has been making cheese again since 2018 as a young farmer together with his wife. Here cheese is made according to old Stolwijk traditions, but with a fresh view on cheese making. Cheese of the highest level is made every week, with a Cum Laude award for its matured cheese. A title of Best Mature Farm Cheese in the Netherlands.

Stolweidekaas matured can best be described as an accessible cheese for the lover. Super smooth with a rich full flavor. A cheese that tastes great on a brown sandwich, but that certainly also belongs on a tasty Dutch cheese board.

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Stolweide cheese (delicious) honest farm cheese directly from the Krimpenerwaard.

Product number: PLU-35

Condition: Vers afgesneden en vacuüm verpakt

Product specification

Suitable for pregnant women?

Made from thermized milk Yes, suitable


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Jolande 25-07-2023 13:03 Heerlijke kaas, zo op de boterham en uit het vuistje.

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Stolweide cheese matured
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