Nettle the fresh herb cheese

Nettle the fresh herb cheese, This cheese is the ultimate taste experience, wonderfully fresh and spicy. during the preparation of this cheese, the tops of the nettle have been added.

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Young nettle stems of the large nettle can be eaten as a kind of spinach. In the spring, the approximately 20 cm long stems taste best. Very young stems can be eaten as lettuce. Soup can be made from nettles. The leaves of the nettle can also be used for consumption. For this, after picking, the leaves must be dried in a dry and airy place. After this, tea can be made from the dried leaves. The stinging hairs are neutralized as soon as they are briefly placed in hot water. It is best to use only young leaves. This can be achieved later in the season by harvesting only the tops (3 cm). Old leaves have too much nitrite. In the past, butter, fish and meat were wrapped in nettle leaves to keep them fresh for longer. It appears that substances in nettle prevent bacterial growth.

Product number: PLU-19

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Product specification

Raw cow's milk (lactose), salt, lactic acid, animal rennet, preservative (E251) and herbs (nettle, chives, celery, parsley, garlic and onion)

Suitable for pregnant women?

Made from raw milk No, not suitable


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Nettle the fresh herb cheese
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