Goat cheese aged

Goat cheese old sliceable has been ripening in peace on wooden planks. This cheese has a nice small salt crystal and a very distinctive taste.

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Product description

Goat cheese old sliceable,

Goat cheese is whiter in color than cheese made from cow's milk. This is because goats convert all the carotene (contains orange dye) from the feed into vitamin A in their digestive tract. Goat's milk contains less lactose than cow's milk, which means that people with lactose intolerance can often eat goat's milk products. The fatty acid molecules (red blood cells) in goat's milk are smaller than those in cow's milk, making goat cheese lighter
digestible, making it more suitable for infants and people with digestive disorders.

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Product number: PLU-596

Condition: Vers afgesneden en vacuüm verpakt

Product specification

Pasteurized goat milk (lactose), salt, lactic acid, microbial rennet

Suitable for pregnant women?

Made from pasteurized milk Yes, suitable


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Goat cheese aged
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