Brabantse Schone (natural crust)

Beautiful cheese with a beautiful story. Cheese made with love for farmers, cows and the environment

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Beautiful cheese with a beautiful story. Cheese made with love for farmers, cows and environmental Brabantse Schone

A cheese made from the most delicious whole milk from proud Brabant farmers. The milk of the Brabantse Schone comes from a small farmer's cooperative around the Loonse and Drunense dunes ''de Duin Boeren''.

The cheese is the purest Brabant cheese with only natural ingredients. Due to the edible natural rind, this cheese gets its full and powerful taste during ripening. The perfect and creamy snack cheese, and delicious on a fresh roll and ideal as a basis for a Dutch cheese fondue. Brabantse Schone is Brabant cheese in its finest form!

Brabantse Schone has been chosen as the best cheese in the Netherlands for 2023!
This Brabantse Schone cheese has won the highest Grand Gold award at the prestigious Frankfurt Trophy competition. From the election among 380 cheeses, the cheese of the Duin Boeren was judged to be the best Dutch cheese.

Brabant Dune Farmers and their (h)onest story.

Proud farmers from the agricultural landscape around the Loonse and Drunense dunes have joined forces. Together, as a cooperative ''Duin Boeren'', they make regional and distinctive cheese from the best milk they all produce themselves. Due to the composition of the Brabant soil, a calcium-rich milk is created. Due to the traditional processing of the non-skimmed milk, all nutrients are preserved and the cheese gets its characteristic full taste.

Thanks to the collaboration of 14 farmers, we succeeded in making a difference. They developed a short chain and have a shared passion for grazing the cows and caring for the beautiful Brabant landscape. Part of the proceeds from the cheeses is used to maintain the landscape, nature and biodiversity in the Brabant dune area. For example, all the farmers have planted flower strips around the meadows for better biodiversity.

As proud guardians of a beautiful Brabant landscape, all farmers receive a fair price for the milk. This in turn benefits the survival of the agricultural area and the improvement of the living conditions of the animals. Most cows spend as long as possible outside in the meadow with herb-rich grass, a large part of the feed is grown themselves, such as field beans, wheat and fodder beets. All this together ensures a much lower footprint, better biodiversity, animal welfare and the best milk.

Taste our thoughts well! From the Brabant Dune Farmers.

Curious what else these farmers do?

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Made from thermized milk Yes, suitable


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Brabantse Schone (natural crust)
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